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Provide affordable and quality

Our Brand

1st Logi is worth for value logistics equipment provider in a wide range of products covering commercial, institutional, medical, industrial sectors. 1st Logi stands for first hand products supply which cut-off unnecessary middleman but offering common range on a 24 hours (24H Items) deliver time within Bangkok and its vicinity area, and 72 hours all over the country.

Our Company

Our headquarter is located in Bangkok Thailand, with subsidiaries in main ASEAN countries in plan. Logistics service is one of the backbone industries behind the World Economy that average people, all enterprises, institutions, small and family business cannot be missing. The hardware part to deliver such service need many kind of tools, carts and trolley, furniture, equipment, machineries etc. to physically relocate goods from one to another place. First Logi-Equip provide both affordable and quality products for goods and human in medical sector’s mobility usage at a pace of walking speed before and after air, sea or land transportation.

Our Team

We have experienced sales team based in Bangkok with multilingual skills for the regions. Our warehouse/logistics support is capable to provide you with common purpose casters and wheels, and mobility application solution from Bangkok. Our engineering team work together with OEM’s R&D to deliver the services you may need when you encounter technical problems in your design, field usage or any other phrase of the product development or application.